Starting a journey

An introduction to service learning

Service learning introduction for teachers PowerPoint

Service learning introduction for teachers notes

This PowerPoint can be used as a starting point for planning professional learning opportunities for staff and covers: what is service learning? implementing service learning, planning an experience, what does the research suggest? and theology and service learning.


A dozen coversations to build common service learning understandings

Prepared by Meg Noack, LEQ,  this resource is divided into three sections to make service learning thinking visible. Teachers are invited to clarify current service learning practices and personal thinking, expand and build common understandings and identify service learning resources to support new/current practices.


Service learning staff meeting PowerPoint

Reviewing a unit of work incorporating service learning

This PowerPoint was used in a P-12 staff meeting about 2-3 years into St Andrews service learning journey. Prior to this the school had defined what service learning is and is not. An audit had also been completed to look at what was already happening in the school. The staff meeting that this PowerPoint was used for, focused on developing staff's understanding of the model for service learning. In year levels/departments staff then refined a unit of work that they have been working on based on the model.


School preparations

A whole school approach

A service learning approach that focuses on all students, from all year levels is essential in developing a culture of service in the school community.

Service learning school checklist

This checklist provides questions as a starting point prior to the commencement of service learning in a school.

A reflection tool for staff

This reflection tool assists staff to determine areas for further preparation for the development of service learning.

A summary of quotes, insights and readings

From Lutheran Education Queensland's 2014 Service Learning activities

Geelong Lutheran College 'reframing service learning'

Using reflections from the LEA Service Learning Study Tour, Johnny Hedt writes this material as a possible basis for a service learning strategic plan/framework for Geelong Lutheran College


Snapshots - schools starting the journey

Grace Lutheran College Rothwell and Caboolture Qld

Answers the questions: where has the school been in the past with its service learning journey and what has worked well? Where is the school at now? Where do you see service learning going in the future and how do you plan for this?


Cornerstone College Mt Barker SA

A reflection of how the school views service learning and the thinking that has gone into how they have developed their service learning 'world view'.