A theological perspective

Christian Studies Curriculum Framework theological notesThe CHRISTIAN LIVING [CL] strand is concerned with Christian teachings about living in relationship with God and how this inspires Christians to live in love and service in the local and global community.

Christian Living Key Idea 2: Christians are called to love and serve all people


Service learning in Lutheran schools: a theological perspective

Pastor Terry Unger, Chaplain at St Andrews Lutheran College, provides a theological perspective to frequently asked questions.


6 challenges 6 mysteries the charter for the future of Lutheran education established in 2004

Workshop manual

Planet conscious - challenge 3

With a conscience - challenge 4


Readings for service learning

Meg Noack has pulled together a range readings for service learning under the heading of Christian roots of service learning - service and social justice


Refugees and the Good Samaritan: on being a neighbour

This article, written by Richard Glover published on the Bible Society website, identifies five things we should note from Jesus about what it means for us to be neighbours.


Tim Keller - social justice