Quality Schools




LEA for the last twelve months has been addressing the issue of data collection for the purposes of school improvement. The purpose of this communique is to provide you with information on ‘Quality Schools’ (QS) which will be implemented in all LEA schools in 2016.   This differs from the previous data collection (formerly known as Better Schools Project) which focussed on organisational health.  The tool for QS is based on the Vocational Practices from the LEA leadership and formation framework Growing deep.

QS has two phases, with the first phase including: personalising the tool for each school site, collecting data and receiving the report. 


Phase 1


Quality Schools survey tool

The QS survey tool is grounded in the Vocational Practices element of the LEA leadership and formation framework Growing deep.


In the survey, each of the descriptors will have an item or multiple items attached which will be responded to by the respective school stakeholder groups (eg. staff, students and parents). The item(s) will call for a response on a Likert Scale.  Comments are also invited for each of the responses, allowing for qualitative data also to be collected.


The survey sample is not random selection and therefore there are no limits on the number of respondents from each site (parents and staff). The survey has been designed for all students from year levels 5 – 12.


Each school is invited to nominate topics for which they would like to gather additional specific data. This may include such topics as local school-based projects, programs or service offerings. These are to be negotiated with RADII (refer end of this newsletter). To further personalise the survey, your school logo will appear on each survey sent to your stakeholder groups.


Summary reports will be sent directly to each school Principal within 24 hours of the closure of the survey. The report will provide both qualitative and quantitative data.  It will be possible to seek further report formats (eg. breakdown by year level) at an additional cost if required.


Survey dates:

  • LEQ / LEVNT: 28th April - 24th May 2016
  • LSA: 5th May  - 31st May 2016

The survey will be open for this entire period, appreciating that all schools have time pressure points throughout a calendar year.


QS will be undertaken on a biennial basis, with schools having the option to use RADII in alternate years for supplementary data gathering where desired.


Phase 2


The data generated from the survey will assist schools in working towards school improvement. While the data will address accountability requirements legislated by the Commonwealth (2017 lodgement), the rich data will enable schools to celebrate successes and develop a school improvement plan to address identified areas of possible concern.   


Regions are currently in the process of determining the support and structures that will be offered to schools as they journey through this second stage. Once this has been developed, regional offices will share with their respective schools the processes that will be used.


Phase 2 information will be shared from the regional offices in 2016.


Actions for schools


School specific topics to be included in the survey: After reading the descriptors associated with the Vocational Practices, determine if there are other topics for which you would like data.  See further information re school specific topics


Email addresses (2016): Schools are asked to submit email addresses of staff and parents so that unique URL links to the survey can be sent to participants at the start of the survey period. Schools will have the choice of also sending student school email addresses if they exist or completing the student surveys in class time under adult supervision.


School logo (2016): To personalise the survey tool, schools logos have been provided by regional offices



The Quality Schools data will enable schools to address genuine school change and improve the learning outcomes for all students.

If you have any further questions or seek clarification please do not hesitate to contact your regional QS manager:

LEQ:  Dennis Mulherin dennis.mulherin@leq.lutheran.edu.au

LEVNT:  Julian Denholm julian.denholm@levnt.edu.au   

LSA:  Mignon Weckert mignon.weckert@lsa.lutheran.edu.au


The following documents can be accessed here [login required]

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