Families and communities

A Lutheran school works as a team with parents.


Lutherans believe that God has given parents and caregivers the prime responsibility for the education of their children.  Lutherans provide schools to assist parents in promoting their educational and spiritual growth.  It is vital that each home and the school work together for the welfare of students on the basis of shared aims and values.


A Lutheran school holds itself accountable to parents for the progress and welfare of students.  It provides structures for constant communication between the home and the school.  It encourages parents to get involved in their children's schooling and to participate in school life in the variety of ways that are available.


A Lutheran school is part of the greater community.


Lutherans understand that their schools operate in a larger system where they make their own special contribution and offer choice and diversity.


Lutherans accept the responsibility they have to comply with government regulations pertaining to the schools.  They appreciate and accept financial assistance from governments for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the schools, provided that it does not compromise their distinctive nature.  The church commends government assistance that enables more families to use the schools and which helps them to provide programs for those with special needs.