Introducing the Lutheran Church of Australia


    Lutherans believe

    Lutherans believe in one true God

    Lutherans share the belief of all other Christians that the one true God has made himself known as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


    Lutherans believe that God loves all people

    Lutherans believe that God loves every human being, even though none of us deserve his love.


    Lutherans believe in Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ is God's Son. Because he loves the world, God sent his Son Jesus to make things right between God and us. Jesus took the blame for the sins of all people. Jesus died for everybody. Jesus took the blame for the sins of all people and gave up His innocent life to pay for our sins. Jesus died for everybody. Jesus also broke the power of death by becoming alive again.


    Lutherans believe God's forgiveness is a free gift

    Because of Jesus, God has forgiven all sins of all people. God offers his forgiveness to everyone as a free gift. We don't have to earn God's forgiveness or pay for it. It is ours when we believe in Jesus as our Saviour. God offers us his forgiveness in the good news about Jesus, and in baptism and holy communion.


    Lutherans believe what the Bible says

    The Bible is the word of God. So Lutherans accept the Bible as the authority that decides what they are to believe and how they should live. Lutherans believe that the good news about Jesus is the key to the whole Bible.

    The church in action


    Bible-based preaching and the sacrament of holy communion are central in Lutheran church services. Lutherans use both traditional and modern worship styles.



    The church provides Christian education for all age groups. The Lutheran school system has kindergartens, pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools throughout Australia, with over 20,000 students. Congregations provide Sunday schools, confirmation courses, adult Bible study groups, and inquirers' classes. Luther Campus, Adelaide, offers theological education to clergy, teachers, parish workers, and laypersons.


    Caring and Sharing

    The church's expanding program of care for the needs of the community includes childcare centres, family shelters and support agencies, welfare centres, singles ministry, youth ministry, retirement villages, infirmaries, and world relief.



    The church reaches out to the community through the ministry of its congregations and schools, radio and television programs, and the distribution of Christian literature by Openbook Publishers. Lutheran missionaries have served among Australian aborigines and in Papua New Guinea for over 100 years. The Lutheran church also supports the work of churches in SE Asia.