LEA vision, purpose and core values

LEA vision  


Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) is committed to the mission and ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) through supporting quality, Christ centred education.  It operates on behalf of the LCA in partnership with early childhood centres (ECCs), schools and regions in pursuit of this vision.


Accordingly, LEA will:

  • operate as early childhood centres  and schools of the LCA as outlined in the LCA Constitution, the LEA Ltd Constitution and the LCA and its schools statement, and aligned with the Framework for Lutheran Schools in A vision for learners and learning in Lutheran schools
  • operate early childhood centres and schools where the word of God with the gospel of Christ at its heart informs all learning and teaching, all human relationships, and all activities of the school as outlined in the LCA statement The Lutheran school as a place of ministry and mission 
  • work collaboratively with all stakeholder groups
  • be an organisation that is agile and comfortable with change
  • be strategically aligned with the regions applying a seamless approach and ensuring collaborative use of resources
  • model excellent leadership at management level, supported by a high performing, functional Board
  • be a national system of schools and ECCs
  • maintain and strengthen its Lutheran distinctiveness, celebrating its achievements and heritage
  • establish and maintain meaningful partnerships to promote Lutheran education
  • provide leadership and be the accountable body for Lutheran education to LCA, General Church Council and the Districts

LEA purpose


Lutheran Education Australia's purpose is to:

  • work together rather than independently
  • promote, support and advocate for Lutheran education across Australia and, where relevant, internationally
  • support all schools and early childhood centres (ECCs) in leadership, formation and governance
  • be the national voice for education for the LCA
  • develop policy and programs which enable national consistency across Australia for schools and ECCs
  • in cooperation with ALC, give theological direction, supporting and equipping staff to understand the Christian faith in their service to students and school communities
  • support the work of the LCA by ensuring its Strategic Plan aligns with and supports the aims and goals of the LCA Strategic Plan

LEA core values


As central to their mission and ministry, Lutheran schools seek to nurture individuals, who are aware of their humanity, open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, and growing in and living according to a cohesive worldview .... while living in community and reflecting characteristics of God through core values, especially

  • love
  • justice
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • service
  • humility
  • courage
  • hope
  • quality
  • appreciation